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Medical Art and Healling

Obstetric Services in Ancient Mongolia

Ancient rock paintings, found in Mongolia give a glimpse into the life of the people, their struggles, their armaments and tools, in addition to their view on the world, religion, culture, traditions, and animals movements. For instance: D.Dorj (1962-1975), A.P.Okladnikov (1969- 70, 1980) D.Tserendorj (1983-1990), N.Ser-Odjav (1987), T.Namjil (1996, 2007), B.Ankhbayar (2005) masterpieces could...

Archeological Findings Related to Medical Practice

Tools for bloodletting and piercing As mentioned in chapter 48, entitled “Characteristics of skeleton” in the book ’’Lunar King for Medicine and External Therapy” (Somaraja), “Different illness roots are shown on the peak of the eastern Azud mountain, seeing, asking, touching are on the peak of the Southern Gunesh mountain, tonic prescription is on the...


In the chapter ‘Spread of medical science in Tibet, in the book “Penetrate the Secret Covering of Medicine” (Medical History of Tibet) by Sangye Gyatso, 1686, surgical methods used among nomads are written about extensively. For instance, the book mentions “35 Methods for Piercing a Gagon (helmet)”. This record hasn’t been completely studied yet....

The Origination of Mongol Dhom

mongol dhom
As Mongol Dhom is reflected by cultural and learning circumstances of human history, we could also explain it in consideration with life characteristics and events of our ancestors. When ancient people suffered from unbearable injuries, pains, bleeding from bone fractures, breaks, and muscle cuts during their life fights, they used to do unconscious actions...

Introduction to Mongol Dhom

Introduction to Mongol Dhom
We have suggested splitting historical periodization of Traditional Mongolian Medicine into 6 periods based on our research results of recent years. Definition criterions for each period were formulized. Furthermore, studies of different period were deepened and periodization of Mongolian medical development. Origination of Mongol Dhom belongs to the first period named "The Initial period...

Preconditions for the Appearance of Medical Art

Traditional medicine is an inseparable part of the emergence of a culture developing its own theory, diagnostic and treatment methods, and reflects the unique background of each nationality. Therefore, we should consider traditional medicine as a part of the rich cultural heritage of each country of the globe. Traditional Mongolian Medicine is one of...


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