Restrictions for Pregnant Women.
Restrictions for Pregnant Women.

On page 27 of the “Brief Practical Guide to Healthy Diet,” it was said that pregnant mothers must use “mind-food.” Of the entirely repent of reticence the main bodily strength will not be lost as slightly thinking flourishing candle in the front of chest as bright happiness, then to control their drinks will be fair by quiet and calm, to be not in indignant despair the liver and heart will be lymph and vigilant. Do not be extremely joyful, delightful and do not wish for sexual desires. Pregnant woman should have peace of mind and be soft hearted without extreme emotions so mental balance will be normal. They should have optimistic thoughts from time to time, hence the widespread (prevalent) vein pumping blood into the heart will not be reduced and will maintain balance. In addition,

  • Pregnant women should have an interest in gems and pearls.
  • Pregnant women should be interested in carp and peacocks.
  • Pregnant women should be interested in hawks and ambling sparrows.

These lines are saying that if a mother wishes to have a clever

minded baby she should have an interest in carp and peacocks. Fish are a long-living being of water spirit. One of the six embellishments of the universe, high Buddhist priest Nagarjunai has been named after Ludev in Tibetan, it means water spirit and duv is creator. Top wisdom of human beings of the cycle of reincarnations, Nagarjunai, has also been called the creator of water spirit, which is untouchable by hands and an imperceptible subject comparing it with the real living fish. It is not a simple world, but symbolized by a mother seeing and interesting in it, a baby will be bom well minded and clever. Also whether she is seeing the great and beautiful while feeling the beauty in the womb, the child will be well minded and fascinated with the world. If one wishes to have a completely charming baby, jasper must be in the interest of the mother. While seeing pearls and jasper as an object of worship and taking them in their hands and to wonder at their form and shape, the baby will be bom with a beautiful face and perfect color. Who wishes to have a strong and brave baby, should be interested in the rising flight of the hawk and the even racing of an ambling sparrow.

If a pregnant woman eats meat from a hare the child will lose its voice and have a harelip. If she eats goat meat, the child will suffer with some illness. If she eats goat meat, the seed of wood and a duck’s egg, the baby will be bom upside down.

If she eats a hen’s egg and fish jerky, the child will have many wounds and inflammations. If the mother eats the meat of a sparrow and drinks alcoholic beverages, the child will have a dissolute mind and not know any shame. If she eats chicken and rice the child will be bom with white holy silk scarf worms. If the mother eats the meat of a sparrow and drinks casein (milk prolain) the baby’s face will have dark spots on the skin. If she eats tortoise meat, the neck of the baby will became short, but if she eats the meat of a donkey, the baby’s birth period will be prolonged. If the mother eats ice like sugar-candy, the fetus will not form.

It is considered that these important measures of precaution for pregnant women should be emphasized about eating meat, how the meat products influence the fetus have been known since ancient times and been proven in practice, and became precautions for pregnant woman through verification.

This book was the first regarding foods and drinks treatment during ancient times, when the medical scientist of the Min emperor, Li Shi Jin, had taken some materials from this book into his brief writing “Plant medicinal drugs,” to show how valuable it was.

Thus in the book of food and drinks it was especially mentioned that pregnant women should maintain a peaceful way of life and if they wish to have a healthy, clever and beautiful baby they should take an everyday interest in jasper, pearls, peacock fish and ambling sparrows. This is considered as a classic example of mental harmony. It is important that a pregnant mother’s mental harmony should not be forgotten. As well, G.Lkhagvaa said in his scientific article “Mongols have taken the methods of mental harmony in their lives and implemented them in the large scale which has not been done in the history of mankind (1999). It is considered that Mongols may be the people who have paid more attention to the development of intellectual harmony than any other nation in the world. The intellectual harmony of a pregnant woman is fed by attending to precautions in food preparation.

Prohibitions of Food and Drink for Pregnant Women. In the book “Original abridged version of food and drinks,” it was quoted that “ancient holy scientists had mentioned about how to bring up a child while he or she is in the fetus stage. In the early time of a pregnant woman, she should not lie on one side, not sit on a bended foot or the heels, not stand for a long time, eat any piece of meat which is cut the wrong way or eat anything which has an unpleasant smell or has spoiled. She also shouldn’t see unattractive things or bad colors; shouldn’t sit down in uncomfortable seats and shouldn’t listen to dissimulated sounds. But at night she can invite some blind fortune teller or dinger and listen to their songs, melodies, tales and fairy stories. When the deed line (explain) has been in the right direction the baby will be bom smart, talented and better than others.” Therefore, the ancient Tairen’s (family name) son, Ven Wan, was bom in that time, and he too was clever with his mind. If he listened to any thing he would get a hundred ideas because his mother had fed him well with knowledge while he was in her womb. Most of the ancient holy scholars respected the mother’s belly. Consequently when any woman became pregnant she was forbidden to see a dead person, people mourning or a cripple, but preferred to see happiness and symbolic items. Thus good and bad influences depend on the mother’s care for the fetus, and precautions must be exhibited in the selections regarding food and drink.